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Top 5 things about living in an apartment

Top 5 things about living in an apartment

8 Mar

Why are they called apartments when they're so close together?

Luckily, some things are easier to think about. Here are the five best things about living in an apartment.

You’re so close to everything. Shops? Check. Parks? Check. That amazing Thai place? Check. Many apartment buildings are right in the thick of things, and as a resident, you benefit from having that convenience right on your doorstep.

Lots of neighbours = lots of potential friends. Don’t be afraid to get out and meet the people living close to you. Have a party or BBQ, or take some muffins to the person you always say hi to in the laundry but never actually talk to. You don’t even know their name! Find out – this could be the start of something beautiful.

Everything is taken care of. It’s usual for apartments to be managed by a body corporate, property management company, or other professional team. This means that any maintenance and other issues are taken care of, saving you the hassle of finding the right washers for that leaky pipe.

Save money on bills and amenities. Because they’re generally smaller spaces, apartments are cheaper to heat and cool, and having access to an in-ground gym or pool means you won’t have to fork out for an expensive gym membership.

Cheaper insurance. But why have insurance? You don’t need it if you live in a secure building right? Just because your building may have great security, things can still happen to your stuff when you’re out and about, or worse – you may accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property or things.

With AMI Advanced Contents insurance, you’ll get up to 10% off your premiums if you live in an apartment. And because you’ll have our highest level of cover, most of the things you own will be repaired or replaced brand new (limits may apply), no matter how old they are if lost, stolen or damaged – in your home or anywhere in New Zealand.

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If you take out an Advanced Contents policy before the 21st of March 2017, you’ll go in the draw to WIN* one of three home entertainment bundles, consisting of: Panasonic 55” Full HD Smart LED TV, Panasonic slim and wall mountable Sound Bar, plus professional installation. 

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^ The 10% discount applies to the base premium amount and does not apply to optional extras or government levies and taxes.

* Terms and conditions apply. See    



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