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Young entrepreneur turns love for owls into booming Business

Young entrepreneur turns love for owls into booming Business

3 Oct

Most seven-year-olds don’t need small business insurance, but young entrepreneur Ava Rose Heath-Williams knew that if she was going to expand her handmade soap business and prevent nights worrying about her customers’ baths turning purple, she would need it.

The business-savvy seven-year-old knew that she would need business insurance if she wanted to scale-up production with security. “Nothing has gone wrong yet, but I just knew if the ingredients go wrong and turn all the customers’ baths bright purple, AMI would help pay the bills to ‘unpurple’ them,” she said.

It was Ava’s love for owls, and a book on how to make soap, that kick started her first business venture. Soon after the Dancing Owl Soaps brand was born and took over the family’s kitchen.

The young entrepreneur is environmentally-minded and uses her business as a platform to support the Oxford Bird Rescue. Every month Ava donates part of her revenue to the Canterbury facility, which rehabilitates owls and offers a sanctuary for other injured and abandoned wild birds. “My love for owls started as soon as I started reading Harry Potter ,” she said.

Ava started selling owl-shaped soaps for family and friends to make money for a trip to Paris, but soon “got addicted”. “Then I realised I could help owls and keep making fun soaps that make people happy,” she said.

The family-home production line was busy churning out soaps of all different flavours, colours, shapes and sizes, and soon Ava was asked to make soaps by people she didn’t know. “Mum then said I had to sell it as a business before it took over our house and used up all our money.”

As well as selling them at local markets and on her Facebook page, Ava sells Dancing Owl Soaps at Beyond the Faerie Tree in Rangiora, Christchurch. Shop owners and part-time fairies Rainbow Lilly and Snowdrop said they decided to sell the products as they look beautiful and smell delicious.

They were also impressed that Health-Williams was able to “see a world outside her own” and donate money to the local owl hospital. With business thriving, Ava’s parents knew they needed to help their daughter understand the risks, which included investigating insurance options.

After extensive research, AMI’s small business insurance gave Ava the peace of mind she needed. “Insurance will help you out if you accidentally break the law, because when you’re seven it’s hard to know what laws apply to you. It means I can concentrate on making fun soaps and not have to worry about big bills arriving if there was a big disaster.”

AMI confirmed it’s the first time they’ve worked with such a young and creative entrepreneur and have adapted their service to suit the small operation. “We all know that running a small business is a really big job, especially when you’re a seven-year-old girl, which is why AMI is right here with Ava on her journey,” AMI spokeswoman Taufau Saofai said.