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Summer Is Here – Is Your Caravan Insured?

Caravan in grass field

Summer Is Here – Is Your Caravan Insured?

19 Aug

Ah summer – Christmas at the beach, lazy afternoons, splashing in the river. There’s no better way to see our beautiful and diverse country than by caravan.

When road trips go wrong

You're carefully backing into that perfect spot on the lakeside...but you fail to see the massive boulder in your blindspot - crunch! Unforeseen events like that can put a dampener on your holidays.

Accidents and breakages happen more frequently during the festive months when there are more motorists on the road and the stress of the holiday rush may make us careless. Summertime is also an opportune time for thieves to strike when you leave your caravan unattended.

Before you head off, make sure your caravan insurance is up to date and any modifications have been declared. Keeping your insurance up to date means you won't have any surprises regarding your policy and level of cover if the unfortunate does happen.

Keep safe

While your insurance cover can keep you safe in the event of a disaster or similar, it’s a good idea to be able to put some preventive measures in place, to help keep you, your family and your caravan safe these holidays.

  • Before departing, check that tyres (including the spare) are the right pressure and have enough tread, secure all loose items, and ensure all fluids (coolant, fuel, water) are at their correct levels.
  • Always keep your caravan locked, even if you’re just meters away
  • Hide valuables from sight, or if you don’t need them – leave them at home
  • Stay in secure campgrounds or safe areas
  • Be patient on the road, stick to the speed limit and drive to the conditions. Remember, if you’re towing, your speed limit is reduced to 90 km/hr, the same goes for your campervan if it’s classed as a truck – make sure you know the limit
  • Get familiar with the electrical system and how to access electricity, as well as knowing how to empty toilet and water reservoirs
  • Keep a look out for lines of other vehicles that may be driving behind you. When possible, find a safe area to pull over and let them pass

What’s covered?

Caravans that are towed by a motor vehicle can be covered by AMI Caravan insurance. Motorist campervans will need vehicle cover.

Travelling between islands? You’ll be covered while you traverse the Cook Strait on a licensed provider such as the Interislander.

You're covered for any accidental physical loss or damage that occurs anywhere in NZ. Your caravan insurance policy with AMI includes fixtures like benches, beds, sinks and cupboards, as well as some removable items like curtains, awnings, spare wheels and television aerials*.

What about the things inside my caravan?

Cover for contents in your caravan can be added to your policy for an additional premium if they’re not already insured under another policy. If you have Advanced or Premier Contents with AMI, your possessions (that you take with you on your trip) are covered for any loss or damage that occurs anywhere in NZ. For more information check out contents insurance.

*Exclusions and limitations apply so please refer to our caravan policy document.

Don’t let your holiday be ruined by something that could have otherwise be easily fixed or prevented. Contact AMI today to buy or renew your caravan insurance – and have a great summer.

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