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10 tips to prepare for severe weather

10 tips to prepare for severe weather

26 Jul

Severe weather is about to hit most of New Zealand so it’s time to get prepared. Here are 10 tips on how to protect you and yours:

  1. Have a household emergency plan. Arrange a plan with those you live with, on how to look after yourself and your loved ones for at least three days or more in case of an emergency.
  2. Restock your emergency kit. Things you might want to include: torch, spare batteries, first aid kit and other medicines, blankets, waterproof clothing, pet supplies, nonperishable food, rubbish bags, toilet paper and a radio.
  3. Stay informed on weather updates. Tune in to your local radio station as Civil Defence will be able to advise on the appropriate action for your community and situation.
  4. Secure the big stuff. Ensure large heavy items, which can become a damaging missile, are secured safely. 
  5. Prepare for potential power cuts. Unplug small appliances, which may be affected by electrical power surges. If a power cut occurs, make sure to unplug major appliances to reduce the power surge and possible damage when power is restored.
  6. Look after our four-legged citizens. If you have animals, bring pets inside and move stock to shelter. In case of evacuation, take your pets with you.
  7. Get comfy at home. Avoid leaving home, walking around outside and driving unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  8. Store spare water supplies. As water supplies can be affected in severe weather, store drinking water in containers and fill bathtubs and sinks with water for later use. 
  9. Be ready for some DIY. Keep materials for repair handy like tarpaulins, boards and duct tape. 
  10. Check windows and doors are closed. If there are unprotected glass areas, pull curtains and drapes to prevent injury from shattered or flying glass.

More tips can be found here.

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