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Friday 13th - unlucky or uncanny?

Friday 13th - unlucky or uncanny?

13 Jan

Those who dismiss it as “just superstition” may want to think again today – analysis of 10 years of claims data in the UK shows that motor collision claims increase on Friday the 13th by... 13% (compared to other days in the same month).

Even eerier, the data shows the same increase no matter what time of year Friday the 13th falls on, whether it’s a hot summer’s day or a wet winter one. However, only just over a quarter of people believe the day is unlucky, compared to other superstitions. Here are the numbers:

  1. 50% of people say “touch wood” in hopes that nothing bad will happen
  2. Just under half avoid walking under ladders
  3. 36% don’t like opening umbrellas indoors
  4. One in three will not place a pair of new shoes on a table (we vote no shoes on tables anyway, thank you very much)
  5. And finally, just 26% believe Friday 13th is an unlucky day.

In cars, 9% of people keep a lucky charm, and 5% of people think bird poop on their car is a sign of good luck.

We think any Friday is a good one, but don’t forget to stay safe nonetheless – and have a great weekend.

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