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What Will the Home of the Future Look Like?

What Will the Home of the Future Look Like?

13 Sep

You may have seen the illustrations from the 19th and 20th centuries showing what people envisioned for the future – the distant years of 1960 to 2000 and beyond where people rode in large air-going vessels, had personal cleaning assistants, and used a small device to communicate with someone on the other side of the globe. What seemed almost like fantasy became reality; and in the technical age we live in now, it’s no hard feat to imaging the kind of things we’ll be capable of or have access to in the future.

So what does this mean for our homes? Here are a few things we could be seeing in the not-so-distant future:


From building materials to architecture, everything will be optimised to perform under pressure or integrate into smart home technology systems. Homes could be pre-wired to support future installation of solar panels or charging stations for electric cars and smart piping or sewerage systems will recycle and treat water locally. Building materials are constantly being developed to become lighter, stronger and more eco-friendly, able to withstand the most extreme forces of nature while remaining aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. New homes may be 3D printed, come in packs that can build themselves, or be easily moved and towed like the ‘tiny homes’ already gaining popularity.


This part could go on forever – as the ‘internet of things’ brings more technology into our homes, they’ll soon be connected like never before. Appliances will talk to each other to retain optimal living conditions (such as keeping the right temperature and humidity levels), fridges will monitor food spoilage and do the grocery shopping, meals will appear before your eyes, and you’ll wake up in the morning with an outfit already picked out – your closet knows your style and shopping habits, after all. The cleaning robot will be putting a load of washing on as the bathroom mirror displays the weather and traffic conditions for the day. And of course, these can all be controlled via your phone or tablet. Devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Home are already seeing other smart home assistants become available to the masses. Cool or creepy? You decide.


As safety is arguably the most important factor for a home, soon break-ins and thefts could be a thing of the past with technology like proximity locks, geo-fencing and even laser scanners being forecast or developed. While the standard adoption of fingerprint, eye or face scanners are a wee while off, there’s already technology available that’ll help keep your family, home and contents safe. AMI has partnered with Morepork – a smart home security system that’s easy to install and can be monitored from your smartphone or tablet. Find out how AMI House Insurance customers can feel a little safer with Morepork - visit


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