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10 Tips to help keep your home safe from burglary

10 Tips to help keep your home safe from burglary

16 Oct

With Labour weekend fast approaching, now is a great time to start planning for it. If you’re thinking of going away for the long-weekend, here are some tips on how you can help keep your home safe from burglaries. 

  1. Install sensor lights.  Thieves are less likely to choose your house if you’ve got sensor lights installed around the property as it makes it more likely that someone will spot them and call the police.
  2. Keep expensive items out of sight.  When you’re heading out for the day or evening, have a quick look around to see if any valuables are visible from windows or doors. If they are, move them out of sight so it’s not such a welcome view for those pesky thieves.
  3. Invest in a safe.  Have expensive jewellery or other valuables? The best way to make sure they’re protected when you’re not home is to keep them locked in a fixed safe. Here are four things to remember when you're home safe shopping
  4. Don’t hide spare keys outside – even if you think you’ve got a pretty good hiding spot!  Even though it can be convenient to hide a spare key outside in case you ever get locked out, think again. It just makes it easier for thieves to get into your house. Give one to a trusted neighbour or friend for safe-keeping. Or you can purchase a Yale Smart Lock which is compatible with your Morepork system. This means you can lock and unlock your door straight from your Morepork app and web portal. Find out more about the smart lock here.
  5. Invest in automatic light timers.  When you’re away you can set your lights to turn on / off automatically to make it look like someone’s at home.  If burglars think you’re home, they’re less likely to come and have a nosey.
  6. Close and lock all windows when you’re leaving – even on 2nd / 3rd stories.  It’s nice to get fresh air throughout the house if you’re out all day, especially in the warmer months, but it does make it a lot easier for thieves to get in.
  7. Use a wooden rod in the track of sliding doors.  This will help prevent them from sliding right open if someone was able to jimmy the lock open.
  8. Get to know your neighbours.  If you’re away for long periods, ask them to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. You could even set up or join a neighbourhood watch group to help keep everyone safe – sign up to Neighbourly to get updates from your community.
  9. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed.  Trees and shrubs give thieves places to hide, get them trimmed on the regular so there’s nowhere to hide.
  10. Consider investing in smart security - insure your home with AMI and you’ll get the first 6 months of your 12-month Morepork Home Security plan free. Plus you’ll get a free Morepork home security Starter Kit and smoke alarm worth $628.* – find out more here.

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