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Five tips to remember to turn electronics off before leaving the house

Five tips to remember to turn electronics off before leaving the house

15 Sep

We’ve all been there – whether it was forgetting if you unplugged your hair straighteners, turned off the stove, or even locked the doors before leaving, we’re all familiar with that gut-wrenching feeling.

We’ve put together some tips that can help you remember to turn electronics off before leaving the house.

  1. Set an alarm/reminder on phone – just like how you would with an alarm to wake you up, or a calendar reminder for appointments, set up notifications on your phone for specific tasks.
  2. Saying it out loud – we were surprised at how many articles we’ve come across from people who swear by this trick. After all, we’re most likely to remember that time we talked to ourselves out loud, right?
  3. Checklist – having a physical checklist with tick boxes could also help.
  4. Take a photo – admittedly this applies more to stoves and appliances than locked doors, but why not take a photo of these items after you’ve unplugged or turned them off? This is particularly helpful if you’re going to be away for an extended period so when that panic hits, all you have to do is check the photo on your phone for some reassurance.
  5. If all else fails, double check before you leave the house.

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