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Where Not to Hide Easter Eggs

Where Not to Hide Easter Eggs

7 Apr

For many families, Easter egg hunts are a long-standing holiday tradition – even after the kids have grown up and left home!

However, there are a number of places you shouldn’t hide Easter eggs – and for a variety of reasons.

The hot water cupboard

While this cosy space may be inspiration for creative rhymes or confusing clues, the hot water cupboard spells danger for any unsuspecting chocolate bunny. As you’re looking in, it’s a good time to check there are no leaks or other structural flaws on and around your hot water cylinder.

Gutters and downpipes

This spot is high and hidden, but at the first sight of rain, bunnies and eggs are likely to be washed away. Seeing as you’re already up on that ladder, why not clear those bad boys out? Build-up of leaves and other debris can cause water to leak and damage the roof and walls of your home.

Kitchen and bathroom cupboards

Left alone, chocolate bunnies are notorious for wreaking havoc with cleaning supplies and other things found in your cupboards. No matter – while you’re looking at the Exit Mould and wondering if bunnies have thumbs, check the pipes and area around them for any leaks, cracks or mould.

The clothes drier

The drier may put your chocolate treats in the same situation as the hot water cupboard. Wait – did you hear a tiny sneeze? It’s time to clean that lint trap! Left to accumulate, the combination of heat and dryness can be disastrous.

Up the chimney

If it’s dark and small, it’s great as a hiding spot right? Not always, and especially not when it comes to chimneys. However, now is a great time to get a pro in to clear it in time for winter, reducing the risk of blockages or soot build-up that can cause chimney fires.

Keep yourself, your family, your home and your chocolate safe this Easter by making sure things are ship shape heading into autumn and winter. Don’t forget to make sure your house and contents insurance is up to date, and have a happy holiday!

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